LED Soak Off Gel (Japan HaNa Gel)

New born baby brand Japan HaNa Gel polish, cuteness packaging and the 100% gel that lasts for weeks and protects natural nails with mirror-gloss shine. Easy to apply and it cures fast under LED or UV lights. Simple removal also saves time.

Long lasting base gel, super shiny anti-wear no-wipe top gel, multi-function builder clear gel, basic nail art black (PC002) & white (PC001) gel, jade like color: Jade White (JC001), Jade Pink (JC011), Clear Pink (JC013), Jade Nude (JC026) and Jade Red (JC034).

HaNa Gel wish you have a nice gel nail experience no matter you are new to soak off gel world or a professional manicurist.

There are more shades to come!