DIY Soak Off Gel tutorial (General):

(Optional Steps)

1. Softens and cleans the callus with cuticle softener .

2. Clip your nail to a good shape.

3. If your nails are oily type, please file and smooth out the nail surface a bit (should be slightly done.) 

*Please remember to clean up your finger nails after any pre-treatments.

If you skip the above steps and you may start now!

1. Dehydrate your nail surface with gel nail cleanser.  (If you want a longer lasting result, you may choose to use primer)

2. Evenly apply a thin layer of Base Gel (the control of the thickness should be fine after several practices.)  Due to different quality, the base gel of some brands would be shrunken after UV/LED cure, in that case,  just reapply the losing part would be okay. The tricky is to leave a very narrow gap between the base gel and the skin. Use a wood stick to clean up the edge before any light cure if you did.

3. Remove the tacky residue with gel nail cleanser.

4. Apply a thin layer of Color Gel evenly and cure under the LED/UV lamp. It is always the same way in all steps of light curing. Apply a second layer of Color Gel and cure under the LED/UV lamp again. (Tips: sometimes when the color is difficult to apply evenly well or always leaving brush strokes, face your nail down to the floor and the gravity would bring the gel goes evenly due to the tractility of the gel.)

5. Apply a thin layer of Top Gel and cure under the LED/UV lamp.

6. Remove the tacky residue with gel nail cleanser. You are DONE!

We have produced a tutorial video specially for Melodi Soak Off Gel general application:


Above are the basic steps for single gel nail color application. If you want to make a french nail style, you may take a reference from my tutorials below:

French Nail Tutorials:

1. Preparation: French nail sticker, two gel nail brush, gel nail cleanser, cleaning cloth, clear gel,  pink color gel, white color gel, Base Gel, Top Gel and UV/LED cure lamp.

2. Follow the above basic steps to apply the pink color gel. If you want natural french nail, apply one layer of clear gel instead of two is fine. 

3. Remember to remove the tacky residue with gel nail cleanser. (To ensure the surface is clean and dry enough for sticker.)

4. Place and adjust the french nail sticker before you stick it tightly. Ensure there is no air leaving under the edge of the sticker.

5. Apply white color gel at the front area on the nail as doing basic steps above. You will find that it is much easier to do french nail with the french nail sticker aid :)

6. After cure the white color gel under UV/LED lamp, remove the sticker slowly from one end to another end in one direction. A tidy and pretty arc is coming out!

7. Apply the clear gel to smooth out the little arc platform created by the french white edge. Cure under the UV/LED lamp.

8.  Apply the Top Coat Gel and cure under UV/LED lamp, remove the tacky residue with gel nail cleanser. DONE!!!!

In the following video, we used a mini LED light-pen instead of a lamp, which is as good as using  the lamp. :)

If you want some advance decorations on tradition french nail, you may try the follows:

1. Little glitter beads

    For beginners, you can utilize the arc platform to hold the glitter beads at the arc, or use normal clear nail polish as glue to hold the beads at the right place you want. Apply clear gel to secure the beads and finish with Top Coat.

2. Drawing a bling bling liner

     A very easy and good way to decorate french nail is to draw a bling bling liner along the arc. It is not only can decorate your nail, it can also embellish the arc line if the edge have been failed to be created perfectly.

To Remove the Soak Off Gel:
We need to soak the gel with the gel-remover. Wraps the nail with a fully soaked cotton in a piece of tin-foil, when the remover soak through the gel, it will drop off from the nail. However, it may not 100% drop off, a little scratch may be needed.
For the tradition soaking methods, several materials you needed to prepare (cottons, tin-foil, remover, wood-stick) and several steps you needed to take: tear cotton to the sizes fit your nails, cut tin-foil into to pieces, soak the cotton fully with the remover and stick close to the nail, wrap the nail with the tin-foil and wait for 10-20 minutes.
For our newly recommended soak off pad, only one step you need~ Let's see the below pictures and find out the differences.

Traditional soak off method:



Newly Soak Off Gel Remover Pad method :

Please click here for more details of the remover pad, thank you!